Saturday, 29 January 2011

do you love anyone enough to give them your last rolo brownie?

It is PARIS in 12 days! i am saving up as much money as possible, so i have no life. Today i was babysitting Ruth came around and we had a catch up, which was nice seeming as i haven't seen her in ages. I'm a terrible friend, i told her how shit the new skins was and how the ugly lesbian moody cow was reminding me of effy in her voice, the whole new cast are ugly and boring. People say i look like effy..i don't see how. Ruth had never seen skins! we made brownies, which were under cooked but still sorta lovely, on the box it said 'do you love someone enough to give them your last rolo brownie?' this would never be the case with me, i don't like chocolate so it wouldn't be hard for me. I'm reading this and boring myself. My mum had the idea to make it 'the worlds most boring blog' the thought has been taken into consideration. With the state of my love life i think it would be quite easy to do. I've been in a bad mood since yesterday morning when i realised..people pretend they know you but really, do they know you at all? i don't lie, if i didn't want someone to know something..i simply wouldn't say anything. no one is worth the feeling you get when someone tells you they don't believe you.

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