Wednesday, 16 February 2011

perfect, meh, paris

yesterday i was all mehh ish, mostly because had all these plans for valintienes a few weeks ago and they all went to shit..and i was on a bus for 14 hours, coming back from the place i wanted to stay the most, maybe not in that hotel..but in paris..YES PLEASE i literally fell in love with that place.
i got asked on fromspring today what my ideal date would is usual i couldn't be bothered to answer proper, but on here i will.

what would your perfect date consist of?

so i would say, my perfect date would be be spread out over 1 or 2 days..and in france, and i wouldn't mind where i stayed, but who i was with. And we would go for long walks and to a nice little cafe that was all 
remote and know one knew about it. And then go back to the preferably vineyard and then it would be all romantic and dinner would be a proper fire and wine and just lovely. nom 

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