Tuesday, 1 February 2011

photography arguments :S

today a huge argument kicked off about someone's pictures. I think the argument was fair enough tbh. i think the persons pictures are..pretty good to be fair. HOWEVER plastering your name all over your pictures..is SAD. The person saying what everyone was thinking got alot of stick for saying something. Which i think is pathetic, some days formspring doesn't half piss me off, people on there going on about how us people who have professional cameras think were mint because we can snap a picture. I don't i think i'm good enough to go pro, i just enjoy taking pictures..as do alot of people. I do personally think liam is better than any of us..but thats just my opinion. cba to write about what else happened in the day. except that glee was good. p.s. you could have at least used a nice font..nuff said.

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