Wednesday, 2 February 2011 thanks.

I have always said i don't want child, ever. i am a very selfish person so the idea of sharing my time, energy, food, money, body and love. With something for the rest of my life doesn't sound appealing. Men are fine, i don't mind sharing all that with least you can tell them to piss off when you've had enough. With a child..its commitment for life. I have never been wonderful with commitment, but recently i over came it and i feel its made things alot easier. Anyway, me and steph watched a movie called 'the switch' and it had the most adorable and perfect child made me think that maybe the whole baby thing isn't that bad..except the pain of childbirth, but i figure adopting is a good option..i like my stomach way to much to let a baby cook in there for 9 months. no thanks. You really have to watch the movie to understand what i'm talking about.

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