Thursday, 3 February 2011

what a carry on.

Been trying to sort everything out, to make my blog look pretty, and i think finally i now have a design i like..its just simple but effective. Today was school again. but it was lovely and i was really happy all day. i just love the feeling when walking down the hall or to lesson and people just smile at you..i do it to everyone, not on purpose i just see someone i sorta know and give them a grin. I know it makes me happy so why not make everyone else happy? send good mood vibes and all that jazz. Everyones poorly at home, but for the minute i'm not being very helpful. n'ah well. Got a hair appointment tomorrow, pretty damn excited to say the least! not sure what to have done really i want it to be all lovely for paris! considering a full fridge? its paris in ONE WEEK! i am so excited i can't express it via blog.  Except i'm a smidge scared this health card won't arrive in time..then i won't be going and this good mood will be out the window. but for now i'm happy

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