Sunday, 6 February 2011

badger hounds.

Today. my dad took me and cammie out for the day in.. Redcar :OO what a shit hole. For anyone that's never been...don't! i think the best thing there was the morrisons' lift. Its like the one in asda living where its not actual steps. hard to explain via blog. anyway, it was windy and cold and just rubbish! but did get some french fancies, nomnom.
On the way home we stoped at a pub for lunch. It was in hinderwell called the 'badger hounds' stupid name really..makes no sense at all. So went in and sat down the waitress (who was preggers) asked us if we would like beef or turkey. I hate both beef and turkey. blegh! so i ordered a half meal. When she brought the food over, looked nice enough..note;the beef was hidden. the veg had mushy peas in it, the place mats were cardboard. just a horid place. only ate half my half meal..but i don't eat much so that could just be my appetite or maybe the poor quality of veg,beef and roast potatoes.
Later on meg, jess & verity came over. planning and packing for paris, that was lovely. and i made the worlds best and jahammed (jay) are having a 'brew off' apparently there is a new show of this..should be a bloody amazingggg show. anyhoo. thats all. I'm in a picture and music mood so most likely will have a youtube video and random pictures up. 

i think i'm becoming slightly obsessed with blogging. 
nuff said <3

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