Saturday, 5 February 2011

Ideal man?

Someone asked me on formspring today about my 'ideal man' or something along them line.
When answering the question i didn't think about it much, but after thinking about it today i have came up with a basic check list. 

  • Handsome. mainly i look at eyes first, i like green best because its reallly really sexy, and then blue and then really dark brown
  • NOT UP THEMSELVES! not someone that loves themselves more than you. 
  • Charming. Someone interesting and that want to make things interesting
  •  FUNNY. this really should be number one, because i couldn't be with someone who didn't have a fantastic sense of humour. That would be boring! 
  • Dresses with style. not exactly style but knows what looks good on them and works that.  
  •  An imaginative, romantic lover. someone exciting, that surprises you excertraaaa. 
obviously i'm not saying i could get someone with all these qualities but one or two or three. 
ohhh and someone musical is always a plus, and Irish ascents are to die for!!
nuff said. 

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