Thursday, 10 February 2011

be right back...just off to paris.

This will be the shortest blog ever, because i'm super super busy. I've made a mental list of things i need to do..and have done about hmm 1?
  • go down town get bits and bobs that i need. toiletries, boots est..DONE
  • pack bag at Megs..DONE
  • get a bigger suit case for everything and repack..noooppe
  • charge camera battery's..hmm almost done..still one more to go
  • go in the shower, shave legs, wax arms. 
  • paint nails..DONE
okay so i've done 3 but, lots to do. i'll blog when i get back, to everyone who isn't coming to paris
have a lovely weekend in whitby..might be sunny. 
nuff said<3

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