Wednesday, 9 February 2011

tick tock tick tock

I am now counting down the hours est. but this is not what my post is going to be about. Its about a fresh, new start and how amazing, but yet how disappointing, annoying and time consuming it is. blah.
 Anyone who knows me well enough knows i was going out with someone for  a while and yeh, it was lovely and a unique perfect and i was probably the closest i've been to feeling loved and giving my love completely. It ended, and yeh i was upset..obviously but i'm not going to go into detail about why it ended and all that jibber jabber.
annnyhoo. It might be to soon..but i'm getting all used to it, and am sorta liking it well, i don't like the whole people who arn't my type AT ALL trying it on, because you are newly single..but oh well.
Its nice as well because i met someone with most of the qualities on my list hahah. too soon? but its absolutely a lovely feeling the new fresh flirting thing. nom..i still don't think i'm over who i was with before, but its a good start, and being distracted from how you really feel, its just nice.
nuff said<3

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