Saturday, 5 February 2011

i can officially get excited!

hate not having a picture on a post
stole this and edited it, pretty sure that is illegal but
n'ahh well. 
Rang the health card help line thingy..seeming as though my card still hasn't arrived and we leave in..well sooon. Was on the phone to one of them stupid annoying computer people. After trying to spell my name to her 5 times i just said 'oh for fuck sake'..shortly after, she transferred me to an actual person. i think its all very lazy getting a computer to do it all. Anyway it was a breeze talking to her, she was English always a perk. We came to the conclusion that she would give me an emergency number and now i am officially going to PARIS. My plan is to start packing now..epp
Mum said this morning that she'd take me shopping Wednesday..this means only going in first lesson for health & social and then going shopping...bummer :)) I'm sure i'll blog again later, but for now..that is all. 
p.s. had a lovely night with stephanie..took lots and lots of pictures...woke up to way to many blankets and steph bloody blackberry alarm.  

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