Wednesday, 2 March 2011

dear diary.

just kidding, dear bloggers..theres no school tomorrow. So i've planned out my day;

  • LIE IN!
  • get dressed, not in school clothes!
  • get a lift down to megs in the morning ishhh time
  • have a coffee and muffin at megs
  • go into town
  • meet harrie and steph
  • go to java or art cafe. 
  • gets lots of bits and bobs from boots
i'd say that is as exciting as it gets, but  no school, lie in, coffee! there would only be one more way to make me happier if i had a little red square above my inbox..but i hold no hope for that what so ever! 
Other than all this, i'm might have to start the gym, gotta get naked for gcse drama piece..well just underwear, but i want to look mega toned, try get my marks for 'body confidence' and maybe a diet? the gym has someone very good looking so sounds more appealing than starving myself.

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