Thursday, 3 March 2011

a different meaning to the truth

So most of my plans went to shit today..but i don't mind attt alll, because we ended up meeting up with different people and blah blah it was lovely!
On the way into town, had my usual taxi company, to scared to use any other company because one time i had a taxi man that looked like the Yorkshire ripper VERY scary, i just stared at him the whole time! poor guy. Anyway my necklace was all tangled and my hair was all messy! the taxi driver asked me a question and the answer came out all bad, and now, well i just don't know what will happen with that information :S! if you want to know what i'm chatting about feel free to ask on  facebook chat , i don't mind. 
Went to the dentist and got my new wire and changed the colour, i think they look nice now..the dentist said i get them off in july or august! :DD asked him about putting a cap over one of my top teeth to make them look perfect he seemed very tempted to do so! epepepepp
 AND now there is no school tomorrow, so i am veryveryvery happy!
nuff said <3

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