Monday, 7 March 2011

so this is the scene we get naked..

i hate blogging about my actual day, but i'll do a short short version. Got up had breakfast (  peanut butter and jam on toast. nom) had a 'berocca' wowowow! put me an such a good mood, watch the link, i love that advert!
it didn't taste too bad sorta like fanta but healthy. I would recommend! then had a coffee so i've been in the happiest mood ever today. First lesson was drama, which was lovely, not looking forward to the whole getting undressed scene, but it all gravy, after we did the first scene steph just came out with 'so this is the scene we get naked!' maths was pretty easy..which was nice. Lunch time was LOVELY! had harriet and tilly at our dinner table, won't go into what was so funny but, to meg, tilly, or harriet reading this..'he had issues... issues he couldn't control' DT, was bit abit shit tbh. English was pretty funny..had harriet in so i was bound to be funny..what a crazy lady. Drama last was just hilarious again i love my group! got home and mum was having guest over for dinner, apparently me and ry weren't invited to dinner in our on home, we opted for porto instead.  Forgot Cameron had to eat so shared me dinner with him, feel like a right fatso! still got one piece left so its lovely and cold for glee. yummy. So now i'm 'doing my health and social course work', litening to lissie, goulding, adele, the xx, darwin deez, and i am arrows..they are pretty good, worth checking out.. all in one playlist. good stuff. This turned out to be abit longer than expected. 
nuff said <3

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